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POWERplus Space Explorer 7-in-1 Hybrid Power Model Kit


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A fantastic gift for children, this set teaches the benefits of hybrid energy and the use of alternative energy sources. The Space Explorer really is the perfect educational model kit.

  • Ideal for Children (10+ and above) and adults alike
  • Can run on solar energy or AAA batteries
  • A great way to understand the amazing power of the sun and solar energy
  • Have fun with 7 different models

7-in-1 Solar fun and educational space models to build.

The Space Explorer combines a whopping 7 different models that can build out of this one set alone. Powered by a hybrid micro battery charged by solar or AAA batteries, this DIY kit comes with a step-by-step instruction manual.

So the fun of playing and learning begins with the building of the exciting models in the kit.


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