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POWERplus “Junior” Octopus Water Hydraulics Robot Arm


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The POWERplus Octopus is a quite brilliant robot arm kit that constructs a robot arm using hydraulic water power. The DIY kit contains all the parts you need to build the Octopus.

It is recommended to have a craft knife, screwdriver, scissors, tissues, cup with water, marker, and ruler at hand. Once the cylinders are filled with water, the Robot Arm can move like a wrist with 180 degrees of rotation and 98 degrees up and down.

The Octopus has both a gripper arm and suction cups to take or move objects up to 50 grams. The arm can move 31.5 cm upwards and 41.5 cm backward. It mimics a robot arm fantastically well and is great fun to build and maneuver.

The comprehensive multi-language instructions show in clear steps how to build the Octopus. The Hydraulic Robot Arm is eco-friendly as there are no batteries, power adapters, or motors needed; only water hydraulic power.

A truly great eco toy for children, that can be enjoyed by adults, too.

Product Info

Dimensions: 30cm x 26cm x 30cm
Weight: 660g
Colour: Grey, Blue, Orange


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