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POWERplus Junior Moonwalker Solar Powered Moon Vehicle Toy Kit


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The Junior Moonwalker is a solar-powered rover model.

Watch as the power of the sun powers this fantastic little moonwalker. The solar energy moves the gears and lets the 6-wheel vehicle move.

Rough terrain is no problem for this 6-wheeled vehicle.

  • Novel design
  • Solar powered 6 wheeled motor
  • Educational fun

The POWERplus Moonwalker is an all-terrain solar-powered vehicle with a 6-wheel mechanical suspension and a 4-wheel drive system. The Moonwalker features a fantastic planetary gear transmission system and adjustable robotic arms.

The DIY kit contains all the parts needed to create the vehicle which should be able to be completed by children of 8 years or older. The solar toy car can move by sunlight or strong lamp light. The comprehensive multi-language instructions explain in clear steps how to build the solar car.

The Solar Toy Car Moonwalker is eco-friendly, as there are no batteries or power adapters needed, only sunlight.

Product information

Material: Plastics
Colour: Grey, Orange
Packaging dimensions: H 25 x L 18 x W 7 cm
Weight: 232 grams


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